ABOUT eBagDeals, Nagappas Nest

We believe that beauty products makes a person with a complete look. Our goal is to provide a stunning and high quality products in make and beauty care category! We are here for you to help you in a perfect match of combination of products to enhance your beauty with perfect products.


We believe every woman, girl, and curl deserves to learn, grow, and shine.


We will empower women through their beauty and make them more elegant.

Our Mission

Be the most trusted & engaging community for women with all the makeup & beauty products that they require.


Co-Founders Gunash Na and Vishal Adhavan created an online discussion board with our advising partner Shalu Sys who has evolved into the world’s leading source of beauty and make up content: eBagDeals.com! They were frustrated with the lack attention, products or services for people like them on a public forum where diverse women can share their opinions about what they want from brands in order to address these issues more effectively . From September 2021 until (today), this site was fully dedicated towards providing advice based off feedback given by its users – especially those who have joined since then as well
With lots of followers now addicted just looking at images posted there everyday but also browsing blogs written inside different Communities.
It’s time to celebrate all the different kinds of beautiful women in this world. Join us as we continue our mission, which is dedicated towards empowering you with every opportunity for self-expression and acceptance that comes your way!
We want each one of them–the empowered female leader who wears her heart on her sleeve; or maybe even an introvert like myself at times: knowing they’re strong despite what others may say about their appearance.

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